ABC News: Why did you link Anthrax To Iraq?
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Glenn Greenwald says:
"The death of government scientist Bruce Ivins has generated far more questions about the anthrax attacks than it has answered. I want to return to the role the establishment media played in obfuscating the anthrax investigation for so long and, at times, aiding in what was clearly the deliberate deceit on the part of Government sources."
Dan Kennedy says:
"ABC News has some explaining to do. The suicide of Bruce Ivins, a government scientist who's now being described as the principal suspect in the anthrax attacks that followed 9/11 (not that there's a whole lot of evidence), has prompted renewed scrutiny of ABC's sensational claim in October 2001 that the anthrax had been traced to Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq."
Jay Rosen says:
"It now appears that the attacks were of domestic origin and the anthrax came from within U.S. government facilities. This leads us to ask you: who were the “four well-placed and separate sources” who falsely told ABC News that tests conducted at Fort Detrick showed bentonite in the anthrax sent to Sen. Tom Daschle, causing ABC News to connect the attacks to Iraq in multiple reports over a five day period in October, 2001?"
(UPDATE) Scott Rosenberg says:
If you’re a reporter and you discover that your sources demanded anonymity because they were manipulating you or lying, you’re no longer under any obligation to protect them.  In fact, the public good probably demands that you expose them.

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