west coast rap all-stars vs. the stop the violence movement
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Two classic anti-violence tracks.  Which is your favorite?

The Stop the Violence Movement - Self-Destruction (Extended Mix)
Found at skreemr.com

"Self-Destruction" was produced by KRS-One and D-Nice of Boogie Down Productions (Hank Shocklee of the Bomb Squad is credited as an associate producer), and featured:
The song samples "You Can Have Watergate, Just Gimme Some Bucks & I'll Be Straight" by The JB's.

West Coast All Stars - We're All In The Same Gang
Found at skreemr.com

Produced by Dr. Dre, the song featured rapped verses from:

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Blogger Jay Smooth said...

haha, well the West Coast did have a better beat..

Fri Jul 25, 04:30:00 PM  

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