obama's site has a 4K+ strong telecom immunity opposition group
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I find Obama's acceptance of telecom immunity extremely disturbing.  He's letting the wingnuts frame the debate and allowing through a provision that sets an extremely dangerous precedent.  His weakness on this issue is a fine example of why dems lost the last two presidential elections.

That said, there's little bit of a silver lining here.  His official campaign site/social network hosts a rather popular group that strongly opposes telecom immunity and is openly critical of Obama's stance on the issue.  Obama deserves credit for allowing his site to be more than a mere recruitment tool. It's not insignificant to allow dissenters to voice their opinions on your campaign site.  It seems like a no-brainer, but it's largely unprecedented.  It gives me hope that there's still something to this Obama fellow.

And that's why this I'm asking you to donate $$ to Obama today.  Q2 ends tonight and it'd be great to have some strong numbers to report.

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