What Happened To Revision 3 Last Weekend? The Answer Is Astonishing!
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Revision 3 suffered from a rather nasty DDOS attack last weekend. It brought the entire company to its knees. Who was behind it?

Jim Louderback writes:
"A bit of address translation, and we’d discovered our nemesis. But instead of some shadowy underground criminal syndicate, the packets were coming from right in our home state of California. In fact, we traced the vast majority of those packets to a public company called Artistdirect (ARTD.OB). Once we were able to get their internet provider on the line, they verified that yes, indeed, that internet address belonged to a subsidiary of Artist Direct, called MediaDefender."
If I know anything about how the internet works, I imagine that MediaDefender is in for an attack of its own. While I don't believe in the usefulness of retribution, the internets feel differently. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out. In the meantime, I'll be keeping a closer eye on Artistdirect/MediaDefender and posting what I find.
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