What about the Clinton Defectors? + Silly Gas Tax Holidays
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Some info from Huffpo:

If Wright's association with Obama has done damage to the senator's image, is it not fair to ask what the myriad defections by a number of highly respected aides and supporters say about Clinton?

  • This week, former Democratic National Committee Chair and superdelegate, Joe Andrew switched his support from Clinton to Obama.
  • Former Ambassador to Chile Gabriel Guerra-Mondragon, a major fundraiser for Hillary Clinton, recently left the campaign apparently to hold a similar position with Obama.
  • Former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich, recently endorsed Obama.
  • New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson's recent endorsement of Obama has been viewed by some as duplicity of the highest order.
  • Greg Craig, who served as special counsel to Bill Clinton during his impeachment; Anthony Lake, former National Security Adviser, have thrown their support to Obama.
  • Hollywood media mogul David Geffen, once a Clinton supporter who was reported to have raised $18 million for the former president, decided to hold a fundraiser for Obama.
Perhaps this video can help explain why supporters are fleeing the Clinton campaign:

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