Psapp Song Is All "About Fun"
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Psapp's glitchy music has an element that is often missing from the genre: Joy. "About Fun," in particular, is warm, innocent and charming in a way that completely separates itself from the pack. It sounds like you're pressing your ear up to one of those little cartoon mouse holes in the wall and listening in on a party. Carim Clasmann and Galia Durant sound like they're enjoying themselves, and the feelng is contagious.

The video captures the whimsy of the song and visualizes the song's connections between the manipulated and the organic. The animation, based on illustrations by Galia, is fluid and as unique as the music, itself. My brain tingles when confronted with this magical world of "tree mixers", "electrolic treatment tanks" and test tubes full of "bad noise." It's a reminder that the music video is a vibrant and vital art form and more than a pandering promotional tool.

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