Israel and Palestine: The eternal struggle
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While reading a superb piece by Mark LeVine @ History News Network, I came across this quote by Israeli geographer Meron Benvenisti:
"The Israeli body-politic is precisely where it wants to stay. The present, fluid, amorphic situation is preferable and suits everybody. A better method than 'annexation' has been found to integrate and segregate at the same time: to integrate the territories for Israeli interests ... and segregate the Palestinian population to avoid any burdens (citizenship, extension of Israeli welfare system, free political expression."
I can see how Israel might see this as, regrettably, the best-case scenario. And it essentially boils down to eternally fucking with Palestinian land as an unspoken policy. This means there's absolutely no potential for an independent Palestine and absolutely no end to the troubles America faces due to its unwavering support of Israel.

I have to imagine that it will also trouble loony American Christians who hope Israel will escalate the conflict to the point of Armageddon.
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