Alaska Rep. Don Young's (R): Angry. Corrupt. Proud of it.
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Sez TPM:
For two years now, we've been chronicling Alaska Rep. Don Young's (R) efforts to be involved in every major political corruption scandal of the last decade. And now that the political waters are rising around him back in his home state, he's gone on the attack. So here in today's episode of TPMtv, we bring you some of the choice mouth-foaming moments.

Jake Metcalfe is running for Young's seat in the upcoming election. That's almost enough to warrant an endorsement from WTG, but we need to do some additional research first. Here's a *very* brief introduction to the man:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You shuld also look into Diane Benson. She is a very dynamic and charismatic candidate that has fought corruption in Alaska politics for years. If it were not for her campaign, most of the scandal around Don would not have surfaced.

Her website is

Tue Mar 18, 08:22:00 PM  

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