Solex: She's the laughing stock of indie rock, but I love her anyway
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Dutch keyboard wizard Elisabeth Esselink, aka SOLEX is described in as many variations as her music. She's an indie pop singer / songwriter / sample artist, or is she? Esselink’s haunting vocals combined with a varied array of found sounds (some of ’em found in the second-hand record shop she runs) recall few other experimental/pop crossovers. Solex inventive musical endeavours (with for example the Maarten Altena Ensemble) showcase a vocal presence (and a keen sense of humor) you won’t find elsewhere.

I own most of Solex's work (Thanks eMusic!) and nearly every song registers among the most played and highest rated tracks in my iTunes library. Her music is consistently disjointed and off-kilter, yet always accessible. It is a brilliantly combines maturity and absurdity as if it's no feat at all. It powers my most productive days at work via my headphones and compels me to jump around when blasting through my home stereo.
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