envoye: future primitive from the young gods
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Swiss electro-noise terrorists the Young Gods traced their origins back to 1982, when Geneva-based frontman Franz Treichler, increasingly bored with his then-current new wave band, began experimenting with a small sampler. Influenced as well by the visceral power of punk and the grand drama of classical music, he began creating abrasive guitar and drum loops, and with sampler Cesare Pizzi and percussionist Frank Bagnoud, founded the Young Gods in 1985; named in an honor of a Swans composition, the trio debuted a year later with "Envoyé!," a brief, blistering single distilling their assaultive sound to its core.
This isn't necessarily representative of TYG's sound, but it has always been my favorite track from them. The wonderfully primitive video doesn't disappoint either. Be sure to check their collaboration with Mike Patton for a different side of the group.
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