David Rees on the difference between clinton and obama
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From HuffPo:
"Over 150 nations have signed the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty. It pains me that our great nation has not. But in the autumn of 2006, there was a chance to take a step in the right direction: Senate Amendment No. 4882, an amendment to a Pentagon appropriations bill that would have banned the use of cluster bombs in civilian areas.

Senator Obama of Illinois voted IN FAVOR of the ban.

Senator Clinton of New York voted AGAINST the ban.

Analysts say Clinton did not want to risk appearing "soft on terror," as it would have harmed her electibility."
Obviously, this issue will not sway most voters one way or another. But Rees presents it as a scenario where one candidate made a political decision and one made a moral decision.

Which one do you want in the White House?
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