internet thought crime commission in obama's hands. can scoble read his mind?
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Online policing of politically unreliable web sites (Senate Bill S-1959) will bring to the US internet what Yahoo has already brought to China: Internet related censorship services and jailed dissidents.

Why is the internet tech community so quiet about this issue?

The bill, (S-1959) misleadingly called the Homegrown Terrorism and Violent Radicalization act of 2007 is a thought crime bill. The bill was passed in the house under a curious suspension of the rules usually reserved for non controversial issues like the naming of a post office.

A Senate Vote is imminent. Obama sits on the Senate committee responsible for moving it forward or sending it back to nazi Germany. As of December 27, 2007, Obama says he hasn't yet decided how he will vote.

Obama's presidential campaign has been encouraged to contact Robert Scoble for his advice. But what will Scoble say to Senator Obama when he calls?

What if Scoble has been pre-emptively compromised by a web2 business opportunity in the censorship solutions sector of Silicon valley? Maybe Dave Winer can give Scoble a short tutorial on creeping fascism.

This dangerous bill is being pushed by the Pentagon through it's favored think tank, the Rand Corporation. If passed it will be another step toward creating an internet policing apparatus complete with watch-lists and user profiles and all the follies associated with the suppression of civil liberties online.

If you thought net neutrality was not high on the agenda you haven't read this bill (S-1959)
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