burlesque roundtable with bonnie dunn, julie atlas muz and nasty canasta
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The NYTheatreCast features a discussion with three NYC burlesque stars in its latest episode. There are some remarkably talented and inventive people in the NYC burlesque scene, and these three are among the best. It's great to have this podcast get their stories out there.

The NYTheatreCast blog sez:
In this episode, Trav S.D. moderates a roundtable about contemporary burlesque. (Trav S.D. says the table is not only round but curvaceous.)

Our guests are three of NYC’s burlesque scene’s biggest stars: Bonnie Dunn, Julie Atlas Muz, and Nasty Canasta. Each of these ladies shares insights about her own career and her views of how burlesque has evolved into a sophisticated live entertainment form.
more muz @ wtg:

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