Obligatory, and necessary, "Tasered Student Video" post
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It is disgusting to see this sort of thing happen anywhere and absolutely terrifying when you see it happen in the US. It doesn't matter how many bloggers post about this. It still won't be enough. This is not just about police brutality. It is about something far more serious. Our freedoms are in serious danger in this country. To quote Colin Powell from something I posted just a few days ago:
"What is the greatest threat facing us now? People will say it’s terrorism. But are there any terrorists in the world who can change the American way of life or our political system? No. Can they knock down a building? Yes. Can they kill somebody? Yes. But can they change us? No. Only we can change ourselves. So what is the great threat we are facing?"

If the end of this video doesn't scare the shit out of you, it should.

A different angle.

Another different angle.

Sen. John Kerry on Tuesday comdemned the arrest of a University of Florida student at one of his speeches, saying that he was engaged in a "good healthy discussion" with 21-year-old Andrew Meyer when he was Tasered and taken into custody.

"In 37 years of public appearances, through wars, protests and highly emotional events, I have never had a dialogue end this way," Kerry said in a statement.
I'll give Kerry some credit for this, but he exhibited a complete lack of leadership and, well, *balls* by not stopping it as soon as it started. He should have said something right away. He should have taken charge. He should be ashamed of himself. It's no wonder he failed to win the presidency.
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