a look back at 'atari teenage riot'
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atari teenage riot
The age of bands that truly terrify your parents has been over for at least 20 years. Sure, kids have tried to annoy their parents with 'Me So Horny' and 'Cop Killer', but those tracks were too obvious to be truly dangerous. Sadly, most kids missed out on a truly terrorizing band when they skipped over the ATR discs at their local record store. Lyrically, sonically and politically radical, ATR actually delivered on the threats made by punk, hip-hop, and heavy metal artists over the last 30 years.

I don't necessarily endorse ATR's politics, nor do I fundamentally oppose them. On some levels, their views are irrelevant. It's their extremism that made them attractive and dangerous. It's that they really believed what they're screaming in your ear that made them exciting.

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