Is Yuri Baranovsky The Next Woody Allen?
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From The Jewish Week:
The history of more or less all of America’s great Jewish comedians reads more or less the same: a weird-looking kid, one or two generations removed from the Old Country, has trouble fitting in, gets by on his wits and sense of humor, finds his way onto the radio or on television and becomes a huge star. That, with slight variation, was what happened to Milton Berle, Woody Allen and Lenny Bruce.

And now, it’s happening to Yuri Baranovsky: his sitcom, “Break a Leg,” commands nearly 200,000 viewers per episode. Fans are popping up everywhere, setting up Web sites to celebrate his work and writing him adoring e-mails. And the media is inviting him to comment on the state of contemporary productions, seeing in him a bona fide trendsetter.

But look for “Break a Leg” in TV Guide, and nothing will come up. Baranovsky’s show is not on TV; it’s broadcast solely on the Internet, freely available for download through a variety of services, including Apple’s iTunes online store.
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