Gore Vidal's Sad (Sadder Than Usual) Take On the US Media
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A rather gloomy, and correct, outlook...but there's still hope:
"I would rather have the real news here telling us where they struck, where intelligence says they may strike again and why they're doing it -- we blew up their mosque or killed their president, whatever it is. What our fictional news does now - and this is all it is, whether CBS, CNN or NBC -- it's all fiction, the people making this stuff know that. The viewers suspect it, but where are they going to turn to? They can't all get a subscription to the Nation, which would help straighten them out, at least in print. So you're going to be the only alternative and the word will spread. Look at the speed at which John Stewart and Company got the attention of everybody, now they say that most of the real news that people know about comes from the satarizing of it. In other words, you build a better mousetrap and the mouse will come to your door."
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