the iphone is nice. but it's the exact opposite of revolutionary.
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iphone sucks
"The iPhone's style and user interface are pathbreaking, and (as the iPod proved) aesthetics do matter. But the iPhone is—so far—not a product that will turn any industry inside out. Seen as a phone, the iPhone is striking. Seen as a small computer, it's limited, and compromised by the existing business models of the wireless industry. Saying the iPhone is a pointless gadget is a bit too strong. But it isn't yet a revolutionary device."
  • The iPhone is locked to a single -- and highly undesirable under both technical and moral concerns -- carrier.
  • It does not allow for phone calls over WiFi.
  • Bluetooth is neutered, with the exception of hands-free kits.
  • There is no meaningful 3rd party development allowed.
  • And worst of all, there's no 3G service.
The iPhone fails to deliver on a number of core features that have been available on less expensive smartphones for years. Apple entered into a strategic partnership with AT&T instead of bringing its loyal customers a quality product. If this is the revolution, I'll have no part of it.previously on wtg:
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