paul mccartney's new album on emusic
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Paul McCartney's new album is available on Let's look at the differences between buying it at eMusic and buying it at iTunes.
  • iTunes: Restrictve DRM
  • eMusic: 100% DRM Free
  • iTunes: AAC file, essentially only compatible with iPod
  • eMusic: Standard MP3 file playable on all devices
  • iTunes: Mid quality AAC
  • eMusic: All tracks are high-quality VBR MP3
  • iTunes: $14.99/album or $0.99/track.
  • eMusic: $3.25 - $4.33/album or $0.25 - $0.33/track, depending on which plan you signed up for. (or completely free if you're a new subscriber)
  • iTunes: Downloadable one time (or twice, if you ask nicely)
  • eMusic: Unlimited downloads as long as you remain a member
(there are no affiliate links here. i'm not trying to make a buck. i'm trying to get you stop wasting your money at itunes)
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