the glamorous life of sachiko hanai
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the glamourous life of sachiko hanai
"With its flashes of violence and gross-out humor, endless sex scenes, and bizarro political commentary reenacted by GI Joe Dolls, it’s the trashy midnight weird-out that Grindhouse could have been."
I first encountered this movie via some materials I got from the Palm Pictures folks at the New York Book Expo. Why was Palm Pictures at a book expo? I'm not really sure. What is this movie about? I'm not really sure about that either.

Here's the official explanation:
Sachiko Hanai works as a call girl at an imekura (or sexual role-play club). While waiting for her co-worker, she stumbles upon a secret meeting between a North Korean and a Middle-Eastern-looking man. This proves to be a deadly day. When violence breaks out, a stray bullet hits her smack in the center of her forehead and leaves her staggering for the door. The next day she finds a strange metal can in her pocket and, after dislodging the bullet, she's suddenly able to understand foreign languages and solve complex mathematic formulas. Unfortunately, the cylinder she picked up happens to contain the finger of George W. Bush, whose fingerprint is capable of unleashing a devastating nuclear apocalypse across the world. Will the call girl turned genius be able to stop the world's mass destruction or will it be left to the finger?
the trailer (nsfw):

"Imagine a porn producer who hires David Cronenberg to remake Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11, and you get the idea." - Philadelphia Inquirer
And a not-so-positive review:
"Here we have Japanese soft-core porn -- and particularly lazy, obvious, and misogynistic soft-core porn, at that -- feigning art-house pretensions... political art-house pretensions." - The Flick Philosopher
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