Psychic TV + Julie Atlas Muz = WTG Heaven
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I'm going to see Psychic TV tonight at Bowery Ballroom. I was fortunate enough to see their comback show a few years ago and have made it a point to see every NYC show since. I think this will be show #5 tonight. Julie Atlas Muz, another NYC act I try to see whenever possible, will be a part of the show as well. Gibby Haynes, Kembra Pfahler, His Name Is Alive and Theo and The Skyscrapers will round out the evening. It promises to be a thoroughly transgressive experience or, at least, a freakshow with great music. In addition, it provides a fantastic opportunity for a megablogpost...

Here's some bootleg footage from their recent residency at Galapagos:

Here's a taste of the kind of stuff Haynes contributed to the last PTV show:

Perhaps we'll see something like this from Ms. Muz:

Julie Atlas Muz
AL_15577, originally uploaded by Alledges.

Paper Magazine minidoc on Kembra Pfhaler:

Here's a Theo and The Skyscrapers vid:

And click here to grab His Name Is Alive's free downloadable EP for a limited time!

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