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A year ago, I made some predictions about the future of the Beatles online. Let's see how I did.
  • They won't use iTunes - Dead wrong. I thought they would sell the music exclusively through their own online store. Of course, they won't be selling exclusively though iTunes...so that's something.
  • They won't use DRM - Looks like I was right about this one. The recent EMI deal brings the freedom and quality the Beatles require.
  • They won't use existing record contracts - Wrong...sorta. The Beatles settled lawsuits I assumed they would vigoursly fight. I'm still waiting to see if the online releases will come exclusively from EMI instead of the traditional EMI/Capitol split. If that happens, I'll consider myself 50% correct.
Sadly, it apears Neil Aspinall will be leaving Apple Corps. My predictions were largely based on Mr. Aspinall. Had he stayed on, I believe my predictions would have been nearly 100% correct.
Aspinall, the chief executive of Apple, is quitting the company after 40 years as keeper of The Beatles’ flame. The fifth Beatle, he has been head of the Corps since it started with the ethos of a hippy collective.

But the speculation is that Aspinall hastened his retirement because he disapproved of the assault that the band is about to make on the world.

He has fiercely protected The Beatles’ integrity. Where other classic groups constantly reissue albums in different formats, the Fab Four drip-feed projects to the public.
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