Barger credits Ana Voog with inspiring Robot Wisdom
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Barger searched day and night for interesting material, adding it incessantly. He had been impressed by a young woman named Anna Voog — a "camgirl" who filmed her every moment and posted it online. "She was trying to live her life 100 per cent openly, which I thought was a righteous ideal," he says. "I wanted to emulate it in my own way by logging everything I found interesting, whether art or politics or silliness or even occasionally good porn."

Barger's site, Robot Wisdom, compiled matter-of-fact lists of eclectic links — summed up by short descriptive phrases. It still follows this form (witness recent posts such as "Overview of Chavez's radical policies" or "Great long Scorsese interview".)
Few people realize (or admit to) Ana Voog's place in the internet's brief history. I'm pleased to see Barger say this on the record.
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