Quicksilver + Merlin = PC Guy Switches To Mac After Nearly 24 Years
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I've used Quicksilver a number of times and I've been really impressed with it. But I never really had any time to dig deep and explore everything it can do. That was before I came upon The Merlin Show as a part of my duties as director of content at blip.tv. It's an excellent show that really nails the format.

It's so good that it provided that final kick in the pants I needed to buy my first Mac. Video allows us to instantly recognize authenticity. Merlin's enthusiasm for Quicksilver is unmistakable and contagious. His video is much more valuable than the thousands of pages of text I've read about this stuff. I know the geeky details backward and forward. I needed an (indirect, in this case) endorsement from someone I could trust, yet isn't a personal friend. And I got it. This is very hard to achieve with text.

(Some of you might be struggling with my "quicksilver=mac" reasoning...and you'll just have to learn to deal with it. It just finally put me into a headspace where I felt comfortable buying one...but you'd better believe that Parallels played a big part in the decision, too.)
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