Don't buy expensive cables for your HDTV/home theater. Buy good ones.
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inexpensive high-quality cable
Anyone who has purchased a HDTV might think that the high prices also apply to accessories, like cables. And, despite what you might find in our local Circuit City or Best Buy, it's just not true.

There is nothing magical about HDMI, DVI or component cables. They're not that dissimilar to all the other cables you have tangled up in the back of a closet somewhere. I'm not saying that quality cables aren't important, I'm just saying that the vendors that sell in big electronic stores are artificially inflating prices while selling medium-grade cables at best.

Enter Blue Jeans Cable.

They target the professional market, which demands extremely consistent high-quality cables at very competitive prices. What that means for you is that these cables are made using much stricter specifications than anything you'll ever find in a consumer electronics store, and at much cheaper prices. A 6 ft. HDMI cable will run you only $21.
The toughest in-use test an HDMI cable can pass is to deliver signals reliably over distance; our Blue Jeans Cable Series-2 HDMI cables have proven reliable out to at least 50 feet, while many others fail at shorter distances. In our own in-use testing, we have found that the 50-foot cable operates flawlessly at 1080p. Unlike many competing cables, the Blue Jeans Cable Series-2 HDMI cable is both UL-listed and rated CL2 under the National Electrical Code, making it lawful for in-wall installation in NEC jurisdictions (note: many cables are UL-listed without having an in-wall NEC rating; if it doesn't have CL2 or a similar NEC designation printed directly on the jacket, don't assume it's rated for installation.). The signal conductors in our HDMI cables are 24 AWG silver-plated copper, regardless of cable length, unlike many which use small-gauge wire at short distances. While a small-gauge cable may work well in a single short run, it is a potential source of trouble if you're using switches, couplers, or repeaters along the way.
tip: I talk about HDMI here, but don't rule out component cables as the right HD connector for your system.

UPDATE: To top things off, I ordered an item on 1/27/07 (a saturday) and it was on my desk Monday afternoon. It traveled from Seattle to NYC in less than 48 hours...and over a weekend!
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