Eyebeam - Art & Technology Center: Fall 2006
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View some recent highlights of work produced in Eyebeam's studios including: Graffiti Research Lab, Christian Marclay, Liisa Roberts, interactive architecture, Christian Jankowski, Preemptive Media, Digital Day Camp and Bill Dolson. Founded in 1996, Eyebeam is an art and technology center that provides a fertile context and state-of-the-art tools for digital experimentation. It is a lively incubator of creativity and thought, where artists and technologists actively engage with the larger culture, addressing the issues and concerns of our time. Eyebeam challenges convention, celebrates the hack, educates the next generation, encourages collaboration, freely offers its output to the community, and invites the public to share in a spirit of openness: open source, open content and open distribution.

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