sprint & lg: crummy service. crummy phone.
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Joel Spolsky was sent a promotional phone from Sprint. They hoped he would love it and say so on his blog. That didn't happen. The phone was a turd. Sprint's service was pretty crummy, too.

The next morning, with a single bar of battery juice left, I got into the subway and resumed listening to the podcast, and I’m a wise guy, so I decided to see what the battery looked like, and of course, the phone lost power, oops, lost my place in the Podcast.

Put back the battery. Turn on the phone. Go into the MP3 player again. There’s no signal, and, guess what? You can’t get into to the MP3 player unless you can establish a network connection to the Sprint Music Store. Even to play your own MP3s!

OK, so this is an MP3 player that doesn’t really work on the subway and won’t work on a plane, the two places I’m most likely to listen to MP3s. Not very appealing.

A little bit more exploring and I discovered that there’s another entirely separate MP3 player on this device. It’s hard to find. You have to go to Tools, then Memory Card, then to the Music folder, and another MP3 player starts up which you can use to listen to your MP3s. For this player, you don’t have to be on the network, so it works in the subway, but—get this—the minute you close the clamshell, the music stops! I am literally not making this up. There are two bad MP3 players on this device, neither one of which remembers where you’re up to, neither one of which can be used on the subway with the phone folded in my pocket, neither one of which has a fast-forward feature.

I have literally never seen such a useless MP3 player.

That is merely the most dramatic example of the many things wrong with this phone.

I'm in the market for a new phone and was thinking about going with Sprint. I believed that they offered Verizon-like network quality without the crippled phones. After reading this, and similar opinions elsewhere, I realize that this is not the case.
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Blogger thumbuki said...

I hate sprint. That's what we use right. Though our contract is up and we're ready to move on.

Here's my latest issue with them. Mid august, smith and I walked into a sprint store to research new phones. The girl behind the counter obviously tries to sign us up, because that's her job. Told her we're already sprint customers. She then asks for my phone number to see if there is anything she can offer us. Mind you I was actually standing on the other side of the store while she was behind the counter. She said we were eligble for 5% discount on our current rates. I told her thanks for the info, we left. Knowing we'd most likely moving services, I didn't bother to sign up.

Turns out, she signed me up anyways. And had locked me into a new two year contract. Lucky for me, when I called sprint about this, they reverted me back to my original contractless arrangment. Ate 20 minutes of my life.

Tue Oct 03, 06:32:00 PM  
Blogger Eric Mortensen said...

sadly...verizon is the same way. they put their own firmware on their phones, which disables standard advertised features. and they will actually harrass if you if you use their unlimited data services "too much".

verizon's network is really solid..and it's data is the fastest. but cingular/tmobile really do seem to offer phones and service as advertised. i'm probably going to go with cingular.

i fucking hate cellphones.

Tue Oct 03, 09:48:00 PM  

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