Boo-Ya Jahshaka! - Open Source Video Editing
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Designed for editors and other professionals involved in digital content creation, Jahshaka is a post production suite that will ultimately include modules for video and audio editing, compositing, animation, visual effects, graphics and paint. Hardware accelerated using OpenGL and built using cross-platform technology, the software runs equally well on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. Under development since January 2000, the project has had more than 500,000 downloads to date.
I don't quite have a grasp on how this app yet, but it strikes me as a very powerful and versatile program that is well-matched to people who want to think differently about video post-production. Something about it reminds me of audiotrackers like FastTracker2 or MadTracker...although I can't quite put my finger on it. It's very unique and accomplishes an impressive array of tasks on even the most average machine. I haven't found anything else that approaches this level of sophistication among the free software out there. It's definitely worth checking out.
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Blogger thumbuki said...

looks great. unfortunetly, it crashes every 5th button click for me. hopefully a more stable version for os x is on the horizon.

Sat Oct 14, 12:43:00 PM  

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