Winamp Continues To Add New Features Without Adding Bloat
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Winamp, which seems to have put some very misguided moves squarely in the past, added new features and a long list of minor upgrades/fixes to a new beta today. AOL deserves a lot of credit for keeping their hands off of Winamp development. I'm sure they have some sort of grand plan for media manager and player, but they seem to let Nullsoft meander in whichever direction it pleases.
"Winamp has had explosive growth over the last 20 months, growing from 33 million to 57 million monthly users. We accomplished that by a renewed outreach to our incredible community and by focused enhancement of the core Winamp experience. With this new release, we wanted to show that Winamp and its development community can deliver truly innovative experiences to consumers. Winamp Remote and Winamp Dashboard are the first in a series of major functional enhancements users will see over the coming months as we work to continue to make Winamp the right choice for serious music and video lovers.
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