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white stripes on the simpsons
For those of you who were puzzled by the White Stripes' appearance on last night's The Simpsons, you are probably not alone. In addition to the dated appearance of the band -- which is currently on hiatus as Jack White focuses his attention on the Raconteurs -- I suspect that most people have not seen the Michel Gondry-directed video that was lovingly reproduced in the episode. The piece is pure Gondry and it's not surprising that it worked so well in the flexible reality of The Simpsons. The flexibility of Gondry's reality is his defining characteristic (a la Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and his yet-to-be-released The Science of Sleep). Check out the original video below and consider that – for once – it was probably less labor-intensive to animate a sequence than it was to film it.

For more on Gondry and his new film, "The Science of Sleep," check this piece in the New York Times.

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