Fox Hides Mike Judge's "Office Space' Follow-up
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"Since director Mike Judge made "Idiocracy" two years ago, Fox has been fumbling around with it, trying to figure out marketing plans and missing assorted release dates. The film finally dribbled out last weekend, unscreened for critics and advertised minimally, if at all. Some contractual stipulation probably is the only reason it wasn't dumped to DVD.

Of course, it doesn't take a functioning cerebrum to see the irony of "Idiocracy's" fate. In the pathetic future it predicts, the slack-jawed hordes lash out at signs of intelligence, throwing clumsy punches at the articulate and calling them "fags."

In the present, the corporation that heavily promoted "From Justin to Kelly" and "Garfield" (twice) pushes aside a promising satire that suggests people need to wise up and avoid being exploited."

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