Coffee is supposed to be hot!
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Arguably, the most important piece of the coffee-making puzzle is temperature. And the number one thing that is neglected on consumer coffee makers is temperature. Some espresso machines do it right. French presses can do it right. Vacuum pots and inexpensive manual drip devices do it extremely well. But, with one exception, every single consumer coffee maker comes up short when it comes to temperature.

Machines costing up to and over $300, by companies like Kitchen aid, Krups and Cuisinart, all miss the target temperature of 195-204 degrees by 25 degrees or more. Only Technivorm's machines meet the standards of the Specialty Coffee Association of America and Europe regarding time and temperature required to extract full flavor from coffee beans. These machines meet ISO-9001 quality standards and are built by hand using recyclable or fully degradable materials. They are meant to last for decades.

And all Technivorm models retail for under $200. It's quite remarkable and quite absurd that countless vendors sell inferior, poorly built machines for significantly more.
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Blogger thumbuki said...

Making a good cup of joe can certainly burn a whole in ones pocket. I do like these technivorm machines you speak of. But for now, I think I'm only going to worry about getting a roaster.

Tue Sep 12, 05:21:00 PM  
Blogger Eric Mortensen said...

it doesn't have to be. i'm an espresso guy, but if i make a pot of coffee for more than 2 people at a time, i use a $29 french press from bodum. it makes a very tasty cup that is very rich.

and if you look around, you'll find that the best rated coffee makers are chemex brewers...which cost $35.

the key here is that both of these methods require boiling a pot of water, then pouring it into the maker...which doesn't seem that complicated to me. but some people like to have a machine.

Wed Sep 13, 10:28:00 AM  

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