Taxi Cab Confession
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New York Hack tells an amusing tale about a fare from last night:
Anyway, she was busy on the phone for a lot of the ride. The first call sounded like total nonsense. I only caught snippets, but they were weird enough to get stuck in my mind.

She was speaking to someone named Elizabeth and she was mad at her because she wanted to go out and party tonight. She said, "I'm tired. I'm not going out. I did my deal, and I totally need liposuction. But I'm off work tomorrow." After a brief pause, she said, "You really need to move out of your dad's house. You're seventeen. I practically raised you."
Cab drivers deal with some very strange people. And they have an endless supply of good stories. Of course, more than a handful of the drivers are pretty strange, themselves. Fortunately, for those of us who don't know anyone in the business, New York Hack gets these stories directly to us.
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