petition of the month: force the hand of activist pharmacists
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It’s common sense that women should have ready access to their doctor-prescribed birth control. Unfortunately, the anti-choice movement, spearheaded by groups like Pharmacists for Life, disagrees.

According to Karen Brauer, president of Pharmacists for Life, birth control pills are out of bounds while Viagra prescriptions are not. She won’t fill prescriptions for the morning-after pill and has lectured women about daily birth control pills. Yet she readily fills Viagra prescriptions and has claimed, "I helped a whole lot of old married men get lucky."

We want Congress to change all that. The bipartisan Access to Legal Pharmaceuticals Act would ensure that every woman in every state can get her prescription for birth control filled, whether or not an individual pharmacist has an objection.

It is not a pharmacist's job to arbitrarily dictate which safe and legal drugs are taken by their customers. Please fill out the petition and urge your representatives in congress and the senate to co-sponsor the Access to Legal Pharmaceuticals Act. It's time to end this thinly-veiled attempt to control the sexual behavior of women.
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