Paris Hilton Gets The Hello Kitty Treatment
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I don't pay attention to gossip, nor do I really care about celebrities beyond the art that some of them create. But the art/commentary at Gallery of The Absurd is consistantly hilarious. And as much as I prefer to let celebrities live their own lives out of the spotlight, there is no one more deserving of this beautifully bizarre art assasination than Ms. Paris Hilton.

This particular piece is based on a real product licensed by Hello Kity (they'll license HK for everything but weapons) and sold in Japan.
Sanrio gracefully announce in a recently a Paris Hilton version of Hello Kitty doll. Only available in Japan. Makes the hoards of U.S. Paris Hilton fans filled with sadness and regret...until now. Gallery of Absurdly make Paris Hilton Doll for American fans today because your heart are thirsting for wishness to be like Paris. She realistically created with dress pulled up to show scary parts underneath when dancing in nightclub or showing offness to paparazzi of camera. Plincess Paris comes with two friends: Crabby and Tinklebell. Tinklebell pup having sadness because she used as fashion accessory instead of like other dogs. Her wishness is to frolicsome in breezy meadow with refresh, but Paris not let her. Crabby live under dress of Paris Hilton and enjoy happy time with plenty of air and sunshine. Paris like to shamelessly show Crabby off and one sees photos of him all over internet if one should look closely with braveness. Wishness of careful feeling of satisfaction beauty? Please buy doll after acknowledgement of scornful. Your dreams come true in spirit of happy vapid.
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