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POSTED ON 8/24/2006 | PERMALINK |0 Comments | BOOKMARK has created an interface for online video that should influence all others players in the field. While appears to be little more than an experiment at this point, it's focus on visuals, rather than data, is refined and very usable.

99.99% of all internet projects amount to a mostly static list of something or other, which no concessions made to the type of content fueling the site. Whether you're buying shoes at or music at iTunes, you're looking at the same old boring text. is an enveloping experience. It is not a site with video. The site is video. It is a TV exprience, in that it's not about finding content. It's about watching it.

The possibilities for this interface, when combined with a back-end feed aggregator, are exciting and numerous. It's absolutely fantastic to see something that can run so well in a browser and still be perfect for TV viewing. And, if the Opera version released with the upcomming Nintendo Wii supports Flash, this thing could be running on your TV in no time.
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