The Fried Chicken Of New York City
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NYC is the land of endless ripoffs. If you think there are a lot of Ray's (of the famous, original, etc. varieties), you should see the KFC clones. In addition to chicken from every other state in the country, you've also got JFK chicken, Kennedy Chicken and plenty of others that make dead president chicken sound perfectly reasonable. My personal favorite is New Kantacky Fried Chicken, where I've actually dined once before:
But perhaps the ultimate in chicken copyright infringment is New Kantacky Fried Chicken on Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn. The story behind that one, as far as I've been able to piece together: apparently someone decided it would be a good idea to open a place called New Kentucky Fried Chicken diagonally across the street from a real KFC. (Said entrepreneur is the same person who owns the Eleven-Seven deli on a third corner; why mess with a winning formula?) Unfortunately, the real KFC was not amused, hence the change to New Kantacky Fried Chicken.
Despite the wonderfully ridiculous name, the chicken is probably the worst I've ever tasted.
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Arabs suck for chicken

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