costco rolls out environmentally-friendly packaging that won't invoke "wrap rage" when you attempt to open it
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When Costco examines retail product packaging for the thousands of items offered in each of its warehouse club stores, only one issue is on the table: making merchandise available to its members in the ‘right way.’ The ‘right way’ includes offering packaging that does not rely on environmentally-harmful materials. Now, after two years of research and development, this industry leader is replacing some plastic clam shells with Natralock™, a new paperboard-based product made by MeadWestvaco that lets consumers in, reduces shrink to a minimum, and is kinder to the environment.

The predominant component in Natralock is the paperboard card – made from trees, a renewable resource, that MeadWestvaco carefully stewards from harvest to replanting of the next forest. MeadWestvaco’s forestry and fiber procurement practices have been third-party certified to meet the requirements of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI). SFI®, in turn, has been endorsed by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes (PEFC), an internationally-recognized organization that evaluates forest certification systems.
Costco is a world-class company that really does try to do the right thing by their customers and by their employees. Despite countless enlightened business practices, I was always troubled by their excessive - and hard to open - packaging materials. It's good to see that they're moving forward in this area as well.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is good that Costco is recognizing the problems associated with plastic packaging. It will probably be several years before other retailers follow Costco's lead.

Until then, our Company has developed a tool to open these hard clamshell packages and is the cure for Wrap Rage. The tool is called the Open-sezz-me. It can be obtained on our website at, at keyword open-sezz-me, or in many retail hardware stores in Texas and New Mexico.

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