what's your vector, victor? classic gaming taken to extremes
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Remember the arcades of the 80's? Those blocky graphics that kind of looked like a cartoon of a guy climbing ladders and jumping over flat barrels thrown by a flat two dimensional monkey? Or how about a game were a slice of yellow pizza runs around a maze eating squarish dots, and flat floating ghost?

In the midst of those games were the vectors, like Asteroids Deluxe, drawn with lines, and dots, but with resolutions that allowed those boulders to move smoothly across the screen, and for a tank in a game like Armor Attack to look somewhat like a tank. It allowed for 3D zooming in Tempest and Tailgunner, and allowed full 3D playing fields in Battlezone, Red Baron and Star Wars.

Zektor's Vector Generator will attach to your PC's parallel port and allow you to play these games in all their glory if you can find an old analog vector monitor or oscilloscope. All you need is a copy of VectorMAME and $329!
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