Squigglevisionary: The return of Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist.
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Slate sez:
Along with its squiggling, Dr. Katz's most distinctive feature was its pace. It abandoned the 4/4 beat of the traditional sitcom—a comic metronome tapping steadily from I Love Lucy to Friends—in favor of a kind of free-form vocal jazz. It was one long exercise in comic timing. The dialogue is almost entirely improvised (instead of a script, the actors worked from a short outline), so there's an authenticity of comic thought and rhythm that has rarely, if ever, been seen on television. The characters stutter and hesitate and talk over one another; they tell intentionally bad and mediocre jokes; they lapse into awkwardly long pauses.

Dr. Katz is one of my all-time favorite shows. And, while the comedians are fantastic, it's really all about how funny the core characters are. The style and timing of their deliveries are priceless and have proved very influential in the years since.

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