rocketboom implosion update
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Jason Calcanis, who lives to give people unsolicited and highly biased business advice, is offering Amanda a show at Netscape. I find Calcanis highly irritating, but can't fault the man for making the offer. However, it seems to me that Amanda, armed with a account, can do just fine without attaching herself to AOLTimeWarner.

Dave Winer, who lives to insert himself into any and every scandal that hits the internet, is trying to cause trouble.

Andrew Baron
, the other half of Rocketboom, makes a statement but is no less biased and confusing than Amanda's.

Amanda Congdon posts an update that clears things up. Or so it would seem.

The Washington Post
does a surprisingly good job of translating the situation to MSM-speak. The piece is fairly clued-in. They even caught the upside-down map.

talks $$.

Chuck Olsen
says they were not an item.

Ripoff artists at Veoh wasted no time slapping their logo on Amanda's comment and claiming it as their own. Valleywag one-upped them and stuck their own logo and intro on the video!

note: I suggest we all start calling this "Rocketbust" before the MSM starts calling it "Rocketgate" or something stupid like that. ;)

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