musicportl mashes music info into a centralized resource
POSTED ON 7/09/2006 | PERMALINK |0 Comments | BOOKMARK is a place where you can gather information about music artists, took from several interesting places all over the web. MusicPortl tells you about almost every known artists biography by featuring wikipedia articles, links to recent blog posts mentioning the artist you are investigating, shows you photos that have been tagged with the artists name, would it be live shots, portraits or even new works of art influenced by an artists work, informs you about available releases by an artist, equips you with genre names you can peg the artist into in every pro-founded musical discussion and even suggests you some artists that made comparable pieces of music, creating a great overall starting point for your musical research that gives you an overview of an artist and provides you with links to further information on the web.
It's not exactly acurate and often incomplete, but it's a great place to round up information from lesser-known/unknown sources. An obsessed music fan will find this convenient, if not illuminating. Only time will tell if the site explores its full potential.
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