The Broadband: Writing songs about corporate malfeasance so you don't have to!
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jill sobule (she kissed a girl), kay hanley (letters to cleo effin' rocked!) and michelle lewis (songwriter and recording artist) have formed the broad+band (get it?).
Three singer/songwriters met at a Los Angeles recovery center for those suffering from internet-related anger issues. How could Congress vote to destroy one of the only good things left in America? This made no sense! How could so few people be enraged? What were people doing to keep network neutrality the law of the land?

They realized that they had found kindred spirits in one another and needed to work through their newfound political rage. Their counselor suggested that they could channel their frustration through song, interpretative dance, screaming or simply calling Congress over and over. When they discovered that Michelle was afraid of morons, they decided to just do the singing part. And thus The BroadBand was born.

God Save the Internet is their first outing. It will soon be sweeping the nation.

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Blogger Q2D2 said...

Letters to Cleo, Glitch.

And, yes... they (and she) rocked!

Tue Aug 01, 06:56:00 AM  
Blogger Eric Mortensen said...


wow...that was a serious brain fart.

"letter to clean" was good, too.

Tue Aug 01, 12:06:00 PM  

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