Tromeo & Juliet 10 Years Later
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The Troma team topped themselves once again with this willfully obnoxious circus of perversions, bodily fluids, obscenities, and classic literature. This is one of their better hybrids of jocularity and gore, with an amusing appropriation of the well-worn Shakespeare story that substitutes New York City for Verona and features the inspired touch of casting Lemmy from Motorhead as narrator. - All Movie Guide
Not just for Troma junkies. Troma and Juliet is sexy, silly, sweet and surreal! - USA Today

This is a genuinely entertaining and enduring film that outshines Troma's usual schlock. While many scenes in the film may offend viewers, this one is merely an offense to sanity. The scene features Will Keenan and WTG-mainstay Jane Jensen and is mildly nsfw due to nudity.

In addition to being funny, the film has a great soundtrack featuring the likes of Motorhead, Wesley Willis, Superchunk, The Ass Poneys, Sublime, Jane Jensen and Unsane.

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