Sedaris and Dinello at the Strangers With Candy Premiere in NYC
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amy sedaris in a diaper with a weird robotic claw arm
The Apiary has photos and news from the Strangers With Candy Premiere in New York City. Amy Sedaris and Paul Dinello were at the opening. Stephen Colbert, the third member of the acting/writing team, did not attend.

Interesting tidbit: Phillip Seymour Hoffman has a supporting roll in the flick.

There is conflicting data regarding when, or if, the film will go into wide release. Presumably, it will happen this month.

(note: the photo of ms. sedaris, at left, is not affiliated with the film. it's just too wondefully bizarre not to post.)

amy sedaris on wtg:

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Anonymous George L. said...

I am STILL trying to process this image. Is that really Amy Sedaris?

Wed Oct 19, 06:37:00 PM  

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