nothing wakes you up like weasel vomit in your cup
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Made from coffee beans that are regurgitated by weasels. The beans are then harvested (picked up) to make this fine flavoured coffee. Don't believe us? Try it!
I can't decide if this is real or not. The product is real and available for sale, but I'm not sure as to the authenticity of the contents. I've repeatedly and randomly suffered outbursts of laughter since I read about it.
One of Vietnam’s domestic offerings, “weasel coffee,” has the potential to appeal to the palates of high-end drinkers the world over. Kay Johnson describes the colorful history of this drink in the Straits Times. Weasel coffee was originally made from coffee beans that had been eaten and excreted by weasels, enhancing the taste of the beans. A chain of coffee shops in Vietnam specializes in weasel coffee, although these days the beans never see a weasel’s insides, rather going through a synthetic process intended to simulate the effects of a journey through the weasel’s digestive tract. Apparently, it is as good as the real thing. While the owner of this chain has contemplated an international expansion of his business, citing possible franchises in Japan and New York City, the chain remains exclusively in Vietnam.
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Mmmmmmmmmmmm! Good, but I prefer cat poop tea!

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