Mike Patton and Jennifer Jason Leigh in Last Cup Of Sorrow
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Faith No More's music video for their 1997 song 'Last Cup Of Sorrow' was directly inspired by Vertigo. It features the lead singer, Mike Patton dressed in the same outfit as James Stewart's character, trailing a blonde played by Jennifer Jason Leigh, respectively dressed the same as Vertigo 's female lead Madeleine. Many scenes are recreated from the film, such as the opening rooftop sequence, Madeleine's plunge into San Francisco bay, Mike Patton moving up and down a stepladder, the belltower sequence complete with the famous Hitchcock Zoom and the psychadelic dream sequence. The emphasis is mainly on parody, key moments including drummer Puffy Bordin sweeping Mike Patton's head in the dream sequence with a broom (presumedly a reference to Vertigo's scene where Midge is describing to Scottie that music can clear the cobwebs out of your head like a broom), bassist Billy Gould cross dressing, Judy Barton being a black wigged sado-masochist, and Leigh fainting when she sees a shadow in the tower, which ends up being drummer Puffy Bordin eating a bagel.
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