Matmos vs Keith Fullerton Whitman
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matmos and keith fullterton whitman
A completely improvised "mega-collaboration" between Martin and Drew of Matmos and Keith Fullerton Whitman is available online now from Dublab. Keith says, "it's a big mess of clicky stereo freakouts, wandering sub-bass, muttered vocal-drones, atonal bleeps,completely gorgeous filtered drones, zonked modular-synth, and musique concrète with a nice almost Berlin-school ending worthy of 32:05 of your time.
Unfortunately, in addition to leaving out any method of downloading the individual mp3, they failed to include a feed address for the podcast. You're only provided an automated iTunes subscription button. This might just be the result of short-sighted web-design, but I have a strange feeling that this was deliberately limited. Fortunately, I figured out the regular feed information as well as the direct link to the mp3.
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