Jet Set Show: The Premiere Vlog For Kids (Of All Ages)
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Amanda and Andrew from Rocketboom and is currently in beta . The show is designed for kids, but both episodes I've seen have thoroughly entertained me as well. By far, the best segment of the show is the "RSS Infinity + 1 News." I think they could spin that off into it's own program. Two adorable puppets that don’t talk down to kids, and might even be too smart for some of the adults out there, host the segment.

This isn't that "family-friendly" brand of entertainment that translates to "children's programming that doesn't make you want to stab yourself in the eye with a rusty fork." This is something that is going to make the whole family chuckle a few times while learning new things. Like Rocketboom, this program isn't for everyone. And that's the primary source of its charm. It's made for who it's made for. It'll ultimately gain a wide audience, but not by catering to the masses. It will succeed, like Rocketboom, by being true to itself.Filed in:


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