jason calacanis: even more self-important than the rest of the TWITs
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I was listening to TWIT today and was stunned by how arrogant Jason Calacanis of Weblogs, Inc. is. He just wouldn't shut up and repeatedly talked down to other guests without knowing what he was talking about. It made me want to bash my head against the wall. What an ass.

Let this serve as a warning. Other than the humble Andrew Barron of Rocketboom, the entire episode was full of ignorance, arguing and yelling. And an even higher dose of self-congratulation than usual. Calacanis fits right in.

Even Dvorak was annoying. He insisted that IPTV and vlogging are fundamentally different, somehow. Apparently Cranky Geeks is IPTV while so-called "vlogs" are doomed to fail. Nevermind that Rocketboom is the only one making it directly to the TV via TiVo. *sigh*

And Leo, quit asking what a vlog is!!!
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